For the last two weeks we have had the privilege of housing a unique artist and a dear friend, she is our first Artist in Resident and we couldn’t have had anyone more enthused by the space than Charlotte Duffy. Nestled away down in our events space Charlotte, also known as ‘Waste of Paint Productions’, has been, other than making a riotous mess, constructing a wonderful and interactive work of art for our window at Charring X.

Charlotte can you tell us a bit about your background?
I studied philosophy, but my practice was established after forming a small theatre company (under the same name). Studying Aesthetics and the Philosophy of Art and Creativity left me really questioning where the value of art lies and I began exploring sculpture and illustration after fabricating puppets, props and set. I've been making puppets for as long as I can remember because my Dad's a puppeteer.  

 Could you tell us bit about the work you’ve created, the inspiration behind it and the story of it’s creation?
'Will You Still Love Me When I'm Obsolete' is largely about the decay of technology. I've been working with cardboard for years now so this was a chance to work with a different discarded material. I wanted to explore the combination of cardboard and electronics. I love that cardboard is transient in its material nature but not function - it will disintegrate but we're always going to need boxes for things. Electronics, technology and appliances are sort of the opposite - their transience is in their function. With puppetry capturing my interest in movement and motion bringing objects to life I also wanted to look into animatronics to incorporate an interactive element to the piece. The motions and movements are quite random and it's challenging and not intrinsic to control - I wanted this to be the case to reflect the frustration that comes with devices ageing and their inability to interact and synchronise with their newer technological counterparts.   

How has your experience been?
Fantastic. It was so refreshing to be in an environment where it is encouraged to say 'I don't know how to do this, can you help?' - I know that might sound ridiculous but I think quite often people are scared to admit to ignorance which ultimately hinders learning and development. It was also a luxury to not just have a new range of materials and processes at my disposal but also space to work on something larger.  

If you had the power to chose the next artist, who would be your top picks?
Rollo Strickland (he makes beautiful music and interesting sounds)
Claire Heminsley (incahoots) 

Will you come back again some time?
Yes please. It won't be long before I get urges to vinyl cut something that's impossible to weed.

We can't thank you enough, we've loved having you around. If you'd like to come see the 'Waste of Paint Productions' flailing handed, eye popping, fly swatting extravaganza! It's going to be up for the next little while until our NEXT artist in residence, who ever that may be.

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