Spotlight on our Members: The Wood and Silver Company

Over the last few weeks, we've been putting a spotlight on various individuals who make up the local ecology of MAKLab from interns to volunteers and we'd now like to shine a light on some of our valued members.

Toby Ingram, owner of the Wood and Silver Company, has been one of our longest standing members at MAKLab ever since we've opened in 2012. Having started off as a walking stick maker (which he still does), Toby has taken the approach of acquiring the widest possible range of skills; wood-turning, woodcarving, hand-engraving, CAD, 3d printing, precious metal casting, and working natural materials like horn and bone, and combining these skills into one-off, individually designed gifts for weddings, birthdays, christenings etc. Thanks to Toby's hard work, the Wood and Silver Company, based in Paisley, is now in the process of transitioning from cottage industry to small business.

"Everything made by the Wood and Silver Company is unique, bespoke, and designed by you. So if you buy a present from us, you can rest assured that no-one else will ever have the same item. And if we can't make it, we probably know someone who can. And you can see why MAKLab, which can facilitate all these skills and more, is such a vital asset to a craft-based start up." Toby Ingram

Toby often records his process in a series of YouTube videos on the Wood and Silver Company channel and today he's given us permission to share his video of a recent special commission project carried out using the CNC routers at our Micro-Manufacturing facility and finish off back at the Wood and Silver Company workshop.

Loretto Chapel Memorial Plaque, commissioned in tribute to David McMurray's immense contribution to education.

Toby Ingram's work at the Wood and Silver Company is a great example modern craftsmanship where the use of digital fabrication tools is combined with traditional craft finishing skills to achieve outstanding results. MAKLab is proud to have been able to support the growth of Toby's skills and the flourishing of his business. 

To find out more about products made at the wood and silver company, contact Toby Ingram here.
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