Word Vending

It's not everyday that a Wurlitzer cigarette vending machine turns up in our studio and starts spitting out literary wonders! MAKLab is a place where strange things like that happen though. Aren't we pleased that this Arduino-controlled, beautifully kitsch & charming piece of nostalgia did exactly that. 

We are delighted to be providing a home to Word-O-Mat, a reconfigured Wurlitzer, cigarette vending machine, wrapped in faux wood vinyl, fake chrome trim and with all the period features of a drive in diner!

Images courtesy of Word-o-Mat

"So, wait... what?  Did you say vending literary wonders?" Yup, we're not even joking.
The unique project, reimagines the oh-so-familiar cigarette vending machine from every boozer, the length and breadth of the country... maybe even still in your favourite old man pub, as a node for the distribution of self-published zines and sharing of event materials. 

Word-o-Mat is an independent publisher of new, short, international writing plus a zine vending machine. It was born out of a love affair between short stories, zines and clunky machinery.
Word-o-Mat aims to make reading a treat. Short pieces of new writing from all over the world are published in zine format and distributed from a vintage vending machine in Glasgow, Scotland, from our cigarette girl/boys at events and through the post (online purchases can be made here). 

- Charlotte Ormston, Word-O-Mat

Now's your chance - Call for submissions

For inclusion in Word-o-Mat Edition #2 the deadline if February 8th, 2017. More details and submission guideline can be found at www.word-o-mat.com

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If you fancy having your work published and dispensed through Word-O-Mat, or you'd like to find out more about the machine and the people behind the project. 
Contact them: words@word-o-mat.com 

Would you like to get involved with the machine itself, programming Arduino, modifying the hardware and maybe even tackling another machine in the future?
Contact us: hello@maklab.co.uk