Let us do the hard work

We have a large capacity to manufacture work on your behalf, with all of the money generated being invested in our training programmes for young people, adding new equipment to our studios, and enabling groups to realise their projects.

We have a very broad selection of equipment to utilise for commission work, and experienced staff to carry out the work. We also have assembly and finishing spaces to allow the design, fabrication and assembly of even the biggest projects. 

If you are interested in having work produced, please check out the processes below and get in touch. 


Utilising 3D printing, we can produce intricate, functional and before now impossible geometries by building in layers of plastics from your 3D design. 

The software translates your digital model into a G-Code file which the machine follows to build up a physical part. 

We work with a number of plastic polymers, and have varying technologies from entry level printers to professional grade production machines to cater for a broad spectrum of requirements. 

*Machine specifications coming soon*

Laser Cutting

This process uses a focussed laser to etch, engrave or cut materials to a detailed and highly accurate CAD design which you design on screen. 

We have a broad range of laser equipment allowing us to work on a huge range of materials, physical sizes and utilise specialist attachments to get the desired output. 

Typically our laser cutters are used for cutting papers, cards, woods, plastics, materials, leathers, felt and for etching designs onto glass, stone, metals and much more.

*Machine specifications coming soon*


Primarily used in the sign-making industry, this process allows digital artwork to be accurately knife cut into a coloured adhered material to later apply to another surface.

The machines cut through the coloured layer, leaving the design held on a backing material. The waste is removed, and the design is then transferred using a transfer tape onto the required surface. 

Vinyl designs can be applied to walls, glass, vehicles and textiles, but the process can also create stencils, masks and fold lines.

*Machine specifications coming soon*


'Computer Numerically Controlled' Routing, much like a 3D printer, follows a G-Code programmed from your 2D drawing or 3D models to accurately cut or carve a range of sheet material.

The technology can be utilised to produce everything from furniture and architectural components to moulds and signage.

Our machines can work with foam, rubber, plastics and woods both natural and engineered. Certain soft metals are also machinable through this method.

*Machine specifications coming soon*



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Routing stone works on the same principles as above, but a suppression and cooling system allows dust and fragments to be controlled as well as keeping the tool safe.

Whether creating bespoke sculptural pieces or engraving a design into a decorative plaque, stone routing offers the opportunity to work with a range of natural stone materials.

*Machine specifications coming soon*

Plasma Cutting

Commercial service launching soon.

This process allows us to perforate, pierce and cut sheet metals to create intricate designs for architectural features, decorative screens and functional components. 

Teamed with our powder coating and welding capabilities we have a great resource to support the fabrication of metalwork.

*Machine specifications coming soon*

Powder Coating

Commercial service launching soon.

Powder coating applies a strong and robust coloured coating to a metal substrate, no matter it's dimensions or intricacy.

To support this resource, we also have shot blasting cabinets, hanging racks, spray booth and finishing tools.

*Machine specifications coming soon*


Our resources allow us the capacity to design, create and manufacture bespoke commission work on your behalf.

Between our studios and manufacturing facilities we have the resources to produce; products, furniture and architectural pavilions.

Our collective experience allows us to approach each project uniquely and to fulfil your requirements.

Contact us for consultation. 


We have a team of in house designers who are on hand to discuss and develop your product ideas into working prototypes or finished products.

Contact us for consultation.

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MAKLab Textiles was launched in 2014 to support makers and designers who needed access to textile fabrication space and machinery. MAKLab Textiles caters for graduates and professionals in the Fashion/Textiles and Costume industries.

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