We believe that Scotland has a bright future, but like much of Europe, has struggled to maintain the practical skills, expertise in manufacturing, innovation in materials and learning systems that much of our economies were founded on.

We must challenge the future generations and workforce to strive for ideas and industries that do not exist yet.

We believe there are new models of employment, education and industry which do not only allow Scotland to compete at an international level, but also have a significant impact broadly across society. 

As an independent, charitable organisation, we are take action to support our industries, education, communities and individuals. We constantly strive to tackle these problems in an responsive and engaging manner, handing skills from generation to generation, passing experience from craftsperson to apprentices and from industry to young innovators. 

We have a strong ethos, and always strive to make the biggest impact possible.
We are committed to:

  • Providing the resources and drive to support innovation and excellence in design and making across Scotland and the UK.
  • Fostering creative collaborations across the design and manufacturing industries with existing and newly emerging organisations.
  • Promoting social empowerment and responsibility through learning skills, confidence building and collaboration with others.
  • Supporting enterprise with low cost access to equipment, specialised knowledge and advice.
  • Providing opportunities for skill sharing by fostering a dynamic and inclusive community of makers.
  • Supporting intergenerational learning through the delivery of workshops and outreach events.

We want Scotland to thrive on an international platform with:

  • Empowered communities, with the skills to build hyperlocal industries and value. 
  • Skills development and transfer between individuals, sectors and demographics for the benefit of all.
  • Strong and applied awareness of digital technologies and emerging industries to reduce the attainment gap and support emerging industries.
  • Improved employability opportunities in hard to reach young people, older generations and minority groups. 
  • Stronger social enterprise and third sector networks to support the needs of a fairer society. 
  • Impactful regeneration, benefiting the local community, with legacy and validity.