Sarah Drummond

Sarah is the Co-Founder of Snook, an award winning, Glasgow based Service Design company.

"If MAKLab wasn’t involved the event [Cyclehack] wouldn’t be as good, because having the tools and the machines there, as well as the people behind the machines helping cycle hackers that come into the space and a lot of people wouldn’t necessarily identify as a designer and a maker but MAKLab being there gives people the confidence and the courage to say 'I want to make this idea real’."

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fi scott

Fi is the Founder and Design Director at Make Works, a searchable directory of Scotland's making and manufacturing industries. 

"I can't wait until members of the public feel that they can use the facilities at MAKLab, as easily as they would a local print shop or Kinkos. I think that is the exciting part about digital fabrication, that you allow people to create and manufacture their own customised products. When you remove all the barriers to entry, you start to get some really interesting work coming out."

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Jamie cooke

Jamie is the Head of RSA Scotland, the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce.

"This is a very exciting time for MAKLab and one I am delighted to be a small part of ... I think this is the ideal opportunity to deliver upon MAKLab’s promise and potential as a creative response to many of the challenges and opportunities Scotland faces, through expanding the network and increasing the number of people that can interact with MAKLab in a variety of spaces and contexts.  Richard and the team are putting a huge amount of work into turning vision into reality, and I am looking forward to watching, and sharing, in where that goes next."