To members, clients and our supporters,

We’re sad to announce that after 5 years MAKLab has officially closed.

We’d like to extend a massive thank you to everyone who has supported us over the years and we’ve loved working with you all. We didn’t think when we started up we’d end up working with such wonderful, wide ranged partners from Barrhead to Brussels, Pollock to the Philippines, on so many fantastic, worthwhile projects.

Hopefully we will work with you again in some other capacity in the future.

In the past two years we have faced significantly increased costs, financial uncertainty and difficulties in securing capital or grants to finance the organisation, and as a result the MAKLab was not able to recover from difficult financial years, or to continue. Whilst our sales, generated revenue and project funding are all at a higher level than ever, we were unable to raise enough to sustainably underpin the organisation.

A special thank to all our members who we’ve had the privilege of helping. It’s been a genuine pleasure to be a part of your making journey. We’ve seen so many of you come in ready to learn the very basics and suddenly become experts in what you were doing. Your enthusiasm, passion and dedication has always been a massive inspiration to all of our team.

We have worked hard to support, and will always believe in, a very strong future of making in Scotland, but our team will be taking time to reflect and pursue our own interest in the meantime.

Thank you, 
Team MAKLab

The winding up of MAKLab Limited will be managed by: 

FRP Advisory
Apex 3,
95 Haymarket Terrace,
EH12 5HD
Tel: 0330 055 5455      Fax: 0330 055 5454